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Individual eHealth Strategies Country Report (2010), further information, and eHealth ERA Report (2007)

Individual eHealth Strategies Country Report (2010)

Country Brief Cyprus. eHealth Strategies Report October 2010
Language: English. (pdf-file)

Further information:

  • (2008) Information systems Strategy study for the Ministry of health. Nicosia.
    (12/02/2010). Language: English. (website)
  • Department of information Technology Services. "Medical and Public Health Services Ministry of Health." Retrieved 25/6, 2010, from
    Language: English. (website)
  • European Communities (2009) eGovernment in Cyprus. eGovernment Factsheets. Brussels, European Commission.
    eGovernment in CY -20March% 2009 - 11 0_0.pdf.
    (12/02/2010). Language: English. (pdf-file)

eHealth ERA report Cyprus. May 2007.
Language: English. (pdf-file)

Further information: