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Individual eHealth Strategies Country Report (2010), further information, and eHealth ERA Report (2007)

Individual eHealth Strategies Country Report (2010)

Further information:

  • Ehealth Forum. (2010).
    "Welcome to the Czech national Forum for eHealth webpage; Goal of the civic association."
    from http://www.ehealthforum.cz.
    Language: Czech. (website)
  • Elektronicka Zdravotni Knizka. Retrieved 31.08.2010,
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  • Technical team of the Round table.
    "Round Table for the future path of healthcare in the Czech Republic with the main focus on its financial stability and sustainability."
    from Project+Round+table+info+eng+2.pdf
    Language: English. (pdf file)

eHealth ERA report Czech Republic. April 2007.
Language: English. (pdf-file)

Further information: