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Individual eHealth Strategies Country Report (2010), further information, and eHealth ERA Report (2007)

Individual eHealth Strategies Country Report (2010)

Country Brief Hungary. eHealth Strategies Report October 2010
Language: English. (pdf-file)

Further information:

  • Állami Népegészségügyi és Tisztiorvosi Szolgálat - Országos Tisztifoorvosi Hivatal [Public Health and Medical Services - The Chief Medical Office]. "Bemutatkozás [Introduction]." Retrieved 25/06/2010,
    from http://www.antsz.hu.
    Language: Hungarian. (website)
  • Bennett, J. (2009) Reliable, Secure, Confidential and Safe Integrated Healthcare Record sharing. London, BT Health.
    (07/05/2010). Language: English. (pdf file)
  • Hungarian Standards Institution. "About, General." Retrieved 7/05, 2010,
    from http://www.mszt.hu.
    Language: English. (website)
  • Mihályi, P. (2007) The 2007-2009 Reform of the Hungarian Health Insurance System. Ministry of Health.
    Language: English. (pdf file)
  • National Institute for Strategic Health Research. "About us." Retrieved 7/05, 2010,
    from http://www.eski.hu.
    Language: English. (website)

eHealth ERA report Hungary. January 2007.
Language: English. (pdf-file)

Further information: